2.3. Landsat ARD Download

To download the Landsat ARD data, follow the steps below:

  • Create/define local folder for data download
    • If you are downloading data for the first time or for a new project, create a new folder where data will be stored. Make sure you have enough disk space. The data volume for a single 1x1 degree tile, one year of data, is between 4 and 5 GB on average.
    • If you are adding data to the existing project, use name of the folder with previously downloaded 16-day composites.
  • Select tiles to download from the tile database (glad_landsat_tiles.zip). Make a text file that contains only the list of selected tiles (single column, tile names only – see example tiles.txt).
  • Select dates from the 16-day interval IDs (16d_intervals.xlsx).
  • For a new user: register to the service and receive your username and password (User Registration)
  • To download a single interval for a single tile, use the following command:

curl -u <username>:<password> -X GET https://glad.umd.edu/dataset/landsat_v1.1/<lat>/<tile>/<interval>.tif -o <outfolder>/<interval>.tif


Required parameters:

<username> and <password> - User login information

<tile> - lat/long 1x1 degree tile name (e.g. 105E_13N)

<lat> - tile latitude, second half of the tile name (e.g., for the 105E_13N, <lat> is 13N)

<interval> - unique 16-day interval ID (16d_intervals.xlsx).

<outfolder> - output folder (make sure that each tile is stored in a separate folder)


To download multiple tiles, use data download code (download_V1.1.pl)

  • Make sure that the ActivePERL is installed on your computer (see GLAD Tools Setup for details).
  • Make list of tiles as a text file (single column, tile names only – see example tiles.txt).

Usage: > perl download_V1.1.pl <username> <password> <tile list file> <start interval> <end interval> <output folder>


Required parameters:

<username> and <password> - User login information

<tile list file> - list of lat/long 1x1 degree tiles (in text format)

<start interval> <end interval> - a range of 16-day intervals (16d_intervals.xlsx).

<output folder> - output folder